A kiss is NOT just a kiss, and you must remember this. Since our first Adam4Adamn kiss back at high school, in our prom night or kissing under the mistletoe, or even after the “I do” at our wedding, the kiss is ever so present in our adulthood. It’s also an important part in the development of our sexuality, being actually our first Adam4Adamn sexual contact, opening doors for many others. Sometimes the kiss is the actual factor that sets which course the relationship will take, if it’s going to be a o­ne nightstand or move o­n to another level.
Kissing isn’t simply sticking your tongue all the way down your partner’s throat, but to know when and how you’re supposed to start kissing, how to set the right mood and rhythm. It’s a question of chemistry. You should control over kissing; otherwise it’ll become a battle of tongues. As everything in sexuality, there’s no perfect recipe. However, here goes some tips that may be helpful in finding your way to improve your kissing skills.

Forget about focusing just o­n your mouth… a good kiss is not just a fluid exchange and involves not o­nly lips and tongue but also your entire mouth, teeth, your hands and your entire body as everything referring to sexuality.

Make eye contact – get intimacy by making deep eye contact before the actual kiss starts. It gives away your interest in someone. Of course, it’s also a question of moment, because if things start to get too wild fast, you’re not gonna change the mood by stopping just to look into your partners eyes.

Mouth to mouth – that’s the most obvious part of the Adam4Adamn kiss, but also the element where people are usually unsure whether they’re doing right. Being soft with your lips is essential to perform a good kiss. A certain pressure is required, even to give a kiss the right “passion” feeling, but if you’re tense, this pressure may turn unwelcome from your partner. Try to draw the right spot between gentleness and lust.

The slip of the tongue – the trick here is control. Trying to show the length of your tongue may be disgusting, and it’s not exciting at all, and you better off to show how many things your tongue could perform (calm down, we’re still talking about kissing). Try and gently lick your partners’ lips and then, use your tongue to slowly massage your partners’ tongue and inner mouth making a soft flicking motion. Since the tongue is o­ne of the most flexible and powerful muscles in our body, there are plenty of movements you could try o­n. Of course, all that tongue/lips action takes us to the next important tip, which should be…

Saliva – a good kiss is supposedly wet, but o­ne of the most heard complaints of both men and women refers to partners who actually make them choke in their kisses. There’s no other way to avoid this but practice. Learn how to control your body and your breathing, so you’ll be able to kiss for hours and hours without making your partner uncomfortable.

Don’t forget the rest – your entire body needs to be involved in a real good kiss. Control the pace of your kiss by moving your head to caress your partners’ hair, using your hands for other things while you’re kissing. It doesn’t mean necessarily naughty things. Ok, let’s face it, most people want to get o­n with the naughty stuff, even if that’s your aim, caress during kissing will increase your partners’ desire, perhaps that’s the way.

As you’ve probably noticed, as everything related to sexuality, a good kiss is about finding the right balance between things. Use your instinct to find out what your partner likes, and remember that people usually give out what they want to receive, so pay attention to the way your partner kisses you. Try to develop your own kiss-style and get ready to send shivers down your partners’ spine.

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